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Why Choose ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN claims to be the World's fastest VPN and it is always the pioneers in VPN industry. The service provider is based in British Virgin Islands, a jurisdiction without data retention laws. So the combination of BVI jurisdiction, no activity logs, and no connection logs makes ExpressVPN an excellent choice for internet users concerned about their privacy. ExpressVPN has over 2000+ VPN servers in 148 VPN server locations in 94 countries across the Americas, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa, which give people a large amount of choices when it comes to unblocking websites. It ensures your connection is fast, secure, and reliable. There are no limits on server switches, so you can change locations as many times as you want to suit your needs. No bandwidth limits neither. ExpressVPN takes your security seriously so it uses the best-in-class 256-bit AES encryption to keep your entire connection safe from the prying eyes of ISPs, cyber criminals, and government surveillance. If you are looking for the most secure VPN provider with top-notch encryption, that's it. 256-bit AES encryption is a very high level of encryption that is considered unbreakable by current standards. It is also the same encryption standard adopted by the U.S. government and used by security experts worldwide to protect classified information. Let us continue to read ExpressVPN review to learn about this great VPN service, and make sure should you use it.‎

ExpressVPN is available on major platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. It also supports streaming media consoles like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Boxee Box, Chromecast, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Roku, WD TV Live, Xbox One and Xbox 360 etc. The good compatibility allows users to experience complete Internet freedom no matter which device they use or platform they prefer. ExpressVPN also has extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, which allow you to start the VPN directly from your browser, blocking potential data leaks and encrypting your traffic when you open your browser. With one single ExpressVPN account, you are allowed to connect with a total of 3 devices simultaneously.

ExpressVPN features with a Kill Switch called Network Lock, that used to prevent your connection from accidental exposure. Its split tunneling feature allows you to select which apps will go through the VPN tunnel and which can bypass the VPN to the regular (unencrypted) internet. Torrenting is allowed on all ExpressVPN servers, and it usually has a handful of servers that work with Netflix. ExpressVPN is also one of the best VPNs in China that helps you get around the Great Firewall of China. You can get access to blocked social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, Google+, and streaming services like Youtube, Vimeo and BBC iPlayer in China, with no restriction, no buffering. ExpressVPN is a padlock for your digital life. It keeps all your online activity and communications secure, along with your identity making it a must-have for anyone that is concerned about hackers, snooping or their privacy online. It allows you to watch geo-restricted content without any restriction, and communicate via VOIP services safely. If you are still not sure it is reliable, read our latest updated ExpressVPN Review for more details and rankings.

If you haven’t implemented a VPN on your home network yet, you should consider ExpressVPN now. Get ExpressVPN’s exclusive 15 Months plan and you only need to pay an average of $6.67 per month for one of the best general-purpose VPNs available. Do remember the ExpressVPN Coupon Code: 49% Discount + 3 Months Free is only avaible for a period of time. Don't miss out on this exclusive offer.

Features of ExpressVPN

148 VPN Locations: You can choose your server location from our wide list of options which ensure 100% privacy and anonymity. When connected to a virtual location, the traffic will be from the country you have chosen. This also has the added advantage of enjoying a fast and reliable connection.

VPN Speed Test: The ExpressVPN speed test is the most reliable speed test on the internet. It can be found by combining the Latency (time taken for a data packet from the device to reach the VPN server location) and the Download Speed (rate of data transfer in kbps) and finding the Speed Index. The higher the Speed Index, the better it is for your connection.

The VPN speed test is available on Mac and Windows. This test can be taken by clicking on the menu on the upper left-hand portion of the app. After clicking on Run Test, we can see the Speed Index, Latency and Download Speed of the various server locations.

Kill Switch: The Kill Switch of ExpressVPN is known as Network Lock. It is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and app for all routers. A VPN usually hides the network traffic from the third parties. When this fails, Network Lock automatically stops the traffic from doing anything which saves you from the prying eyes. This is automatically inactive when the VPN server location is active and running.

Network Lock is active whenever we are intending to connect to a VPN server location, but are either disconnected or are waiting to reconnect. However, when the Network Lock is deactivated manually, we can access the internet even when we are not safely connected to a VPN server location.

Split Tunneling: An encrypted tunnel is used to route our internet traffic by any VPN to protect it from any hackers or third parties. Split Tunneling takes it a step further and provides these key advantages:

• While using local IP address web services, we can stream foreign movies. • The speed of other web services is not affected while downloading. • While surfing through the internet, we can access our network printer. ExpressVPN offers 2 split tunneling configurations: 1. Split Tunneling- protects all connected applications/ devices except a selected few 2. Inverse Split Tunneling- protects only a selected few connected devices/ applications.

The ExpressVPN split tunneling is offered through an app. Download it on Windows, Mac, and Routers for various benefits mentioned!

Best-in-class Encryption: Apart from hiding the IP address and mixing up the traffic, ExpressVPN also encrypts the traffic so that it cannot be read by the third parties in between your computer and the secure VPN server. ExpressVPN uses an encryption—Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which is also used by the US government to protect information, with 256-bit keys.

VPN protocols: The methods using which your device connects to the VPN server are called as VPN protocols. ExpressVPN supports 4 different types of protocols, each with its own benefits. The VPN protocols which ExpressVPN supports are: 1. Open VPN with TCP/UDP 2. SSTP 3. L2TP/ IPsec 4. PPTP It is always recommended to use the default protocol, or select one of the recommendations given to you in the ExpressVPN app.

Zero-Knowledge DNS: DNS is your devices’ way of converting URL’s into IP addresses. ExpressVPN has its own DNS. On every VPN server, ExpressVPN runs its own DNS which makes it very safe and reliable with your sensitive content. ExpressVPN DNS is protected by the same tunneling and encryption as the VPN. This, therefore, does not allow any third parties to access any of your information. It makes sure that your data which might make you identifiable is never stored on any server. They are safe from phishing, DNS filtering, and censorship.

Privacy Safeguards: ExpressVPN does not ever collect IP addresses, metadata, DNS queries and browsing history. It does not ever save any data which might make you identifiable on the internet. It does not see or record the websites we visit which is an added bonus for anonymity and privacy.

ExpressVPN Pricing, Plans And Special Deal

Here comes the pricing for ExpressVPN:

  • 1 month – $12.95 per month
  • 6 months – $9.99 per month (Billed $59.95 every 6 months)
  • 15 months (include 3 free months) – $6.67 per month (Billed $99.95 first 15 months and 12 months thereafter)

As the image shows, if you pay ExpressVPN for a month, it costs you $12.95. ExpressVPN offers a 6-month plan and a yearly plan as well. The longer the package, the better the value. The 6 month plan is $59.99, equivalent to paying $9.99 per month. There is a significant discount available for you if you choose a yearly plan. During their promotion you can save up to 49% off and get 3 months free. That means you can enjoy 15 months of unlimited VPN access for just $6.67 per month. This is the lowest price ExpressVPN currently offers. Although it does not offer a free trial, it does offer a very generous 30-day money-back guarantee. If you want to research for more to have a secure life you can review ExpressVPN Coupon & Sepcial Deal page to get more details about the discount and promotion. If you are not satisfied with the service, just cancel any time within 30 days and you will get your money back. No question to be asked.

How to Get the Deal?

If you'd like to save 49% and get 3 months free on a one-year ExpressVPN subscription, then you really should get ExpressVPN Coupon Code: 49% Discount + 3 Months Free here first. The special offer lowers the monthly price of a subscription to $6.67 per month by adding 3 free months to your annual subscription, or else you have to pay $12.95/month for 15 months. You don’t need any extra vouchers or promo codes to get these savings. Just access the promotion from our exclusive discount link, and then you will be redirected to ExpressVPN homepage. From there, click the "Get ExpressVPN" button and you’ll see that the coupon has been applied. Select the “15 Months” special deal to get 3 free months and save 49% on your ExpressVPN subscription. You’ll be getting 15 months for the price of 12.

What Payment Method Does ExpressVPN Accept?

ExpressVPN proudly accepts all globally recognized payment options, ensuring you can pay how you want with peace of mind. You can pay with credit cards, no matter it's Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JAB, Delta Dental or Diners Club card etc. And if you have any concern about the identity theft or other security issue while using credit card payment, you can pay with PayPal as an alternative. PayPal is one of the largest online payment processors in the world. It is the more secure way to shop online because you don't need to disclose your credit card information online. Paypal keeps your credit card information private, meaning that you can shop without worrying about a hacker downloading your account data from your online merchant. Other payment methods include WebMoney, UnionPay, Yandex Money, Giropay, iDEAL, Sofort, Maestro, Carte Bleue, Interac Online, Mint, FanaPay, OneCard and Alipay. As the best VPN in China, it's good to know ExpressVPN accepts UnionPay and Alipay. China is one of the locations that VPN use is massively required and Alipay and UnionPay are widely available there. Aside from the above payment methods, ExpressVPN also accepts Bitcoin with the help of payment processor Bitpay. ExpressVPN is a large VPN provider committed to ensuring user privacy, that's why it accepts the anonymous form of payment - Bitcoin. With Bitcoin payments, you don't need to expose your real name, your card number, your billing address or any personal information, all it needs is your email address and that's it. If you already have a Bitcoin wallet with Bitcoin in it, subscribing to ExpressVPN is fast and easy. Best of all, the ExpressVPN 30-day money back guarantee still applies to Bitcoin payments, so if for any reason you’re unhappy with the service, you’ll get the money refunded, quibble free.

Why is ExpressVPN More Expensive Than Other VPNs?

ExpressVPN ticks all the right boxes for a VPN. Its price is a little bit pricy compared to most other VPN providers. However, the money is more than worth it and you really can get what you pay for. First, you should know that running a secure and ultra-fast network on the scale that ExpressVPN does is expensive. Unlike budget VPN providers, ExpressVPN invests in a better and more reliable platform to provide you with a superior and secure experience. As for now, ExpressVPN offers more than 2000 services in 148 locations in 94 countries, they’re incredibly reliable, with average uptimes of 99.9%. So you can rest assured you’re getting good connections always. When it comes to internet safety and security, ExpressVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption to keep your data away from the prying eyes of ISPs, cyber criminals, and government surveillance and it supports OpenVPN with UDP/TCP, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec and PPTP protocol. In addition, it offers world-class customer support in order to make every user feel satisfied with their service. You can reach the 24/7 customer support team by live chat and email and their typical response time is less than half an hour. ExpressVPN has been helping Internet users browse safely and privately for years. It is a truely no-logging VPN, meaning it does not store activity logs or connection logs of their users.

As mentioned above, ExpressVPN does not offer a free trial. So, to test their service, you have to pay for at least a month, which is $12.95/month. But you can pay for a full year of service up front which will lower the monthly price of ExpressVPN from $12.95 to $8.32. Currently ExpressVPN is running a promotion. So it is still a great value as it offers a 49% discount plus 3 months free for customers signing up for a one-year package. Avail ExpressVPN Coupon Code: 49% Discount + 3 Months Free and get the world’s #1 trusted virtual private network at a reasonable price now!

What ExpressVPN Brings to You?

ExpressVPN is one of the most trusted, secure brands in the virtual private network industry. It's super fast and extremely safe, boasting an SSL-secured network with 256-bit encryption and it offers unlimited bandwidth and speed, a kill switch, and leak protection, good performance and fantastic customer service. Being as the best premium VPN in the industry, ExpressVPN can:

  • Encrypt your data while it’s in transit and keep all your online activity and communications secure, along with your identity, making them unreadable for third parties, ISP, or hackers.
  • Help you access restricted content, so you can use amazing music and video platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Pandora and social media services like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter wherever you are. Connect to ExpressVPN’s secure servers in any of 94 countries and surf the web freely.
  • Keep your internet connection safe while you are logging onto public Wi-Fi networks inside the airport or in a coffee shop.
  • Help you stay out of legal trouble when engaging in file-sharing and allow you to download torrent safely. Note: Torrenting is allowed on all ExpressVPN servers, and with unlimited bandwidth, it’s a great choice for P2P filesharing.
  • Unblock VoIP services and add extra security and encryption to your video chats. Also you can save money when you use VoIP over a VPN tunnel instead of through your local telecom provider. With ExpressVPN you can keep in touch with family and friends no matter where you are in the world.
  • Hide your IP address and your online activities, letting you effectively overcome government censorship.
  • Beat ISP throttling and speed up your Internet.

ExpressVPN PlansRetail PriceSale PriceDiscount
1 Month$12.95$12.950%
6 Months$77.70$59.9523%
1 Year + Extra 3 Months$155.40$99.9549%


After reading this article you understand that ExpressVPN is a virtual private network which is offered by a company called Express VPN International Ltd. It provides internet security to us while we access the internet. It masks the users IP addresses and encrypts the user’s web traffic. This VPN, launched in 2009, is one of the best VPN’s there is. It is completely user-friendly and easy-to-use. Its servers are fast and it supports torrent-ing. If you are looking for the best VPN around, ExpressVPN must be the top recommendation. It runs a premium VPN network optimized for high speed and reliability. The basic monthly price is $12.95 per month, while a yearly subscription cuts it down to $8.32 per month. That puts ExpressVPN firmly in the upper price bracket. However, you can now take advantage of ExpressVPN’s current deal where you can get 15 months of service for just $99.95. Redeem ExpressVPN Coupon Code: 49% Discount + 3 Months Free and apply it at the checkout, then you need to spend only $6.67/month and you will get the best network and VPN apps in the industry in return. Still not convinced? ExpressVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans, so you can try the best VPN service available with zero risk.

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